荷兰你   Dutch for you   あなたのためのオランダ語   Nederlands voor u   당신을 위해 네덜란드   Belanda anda   आप क लिए डच   ดัตชสำหรับคุณ  
I highly recommend the review classes for the Dutch integration exams with Caroline. She gives proper focus, highlights what is important and makes learning Dutch more fun with her varied and creative exercises. She is very helpful, quick to respond and reasonably strict with details. Also appreciate that she goes beyond just the classes - she reaches out to arrange social gatherings with her students. Totally worth it - enjoyed it and happy to have found new friends along the way.

By J from the Philippines 🇵🇭 (januari 2019)

Caroline helped me with 2 sessions preparing the ONA Documentation, which got approved immediately after submission and 2 times interview. It turns out all the questions and important points has covered. She really helped me to get directly to the point. I got a very relaxed interview of ONA and passed it.

By Yubo (januari 2019)

I really enjoyed having Caroline as my teacher, because she has extensive experience with integration exams and is very patient with my questions. I had lots of fun in her class due to various teaching structure: group exercise, word games, filed trips etc. 

No matter what matter which level your Dutch is, I recommend you to choose Bolong.

By Fei (november 2018)


Caroline is a wonderful teacher, perfect for those who want to pass the inburgering exam in the shortest reasonable amount of time. I started her course halfway, while the others already had 6 weeks of lessons before me, yet she managed to train me well in time to get ready and pass the exam in one go. The learning materials and her preparations are more than enough for anybody who speaks decent English. I had been to 3 other language schools for the intake interview before finally deciding to go with her. Even though I live in Den Haag, I was happily travelling to Amsterdam for 6 weeks in a row, knowing that I got better after every lesson.

By Quan Do (juni 2018)


Caroline is the best address for the " Inburgeren examen". She can turn you from zero to hero in 4 months of course. She is master at the exam and will teach you all tips and tricks to pass as soon as possible. I started the course as a complete beginner and passed all in the first take like all other classmates. Her course is highly recommended.

By Kubilay (juni 2018)


It's really amazing. Caroline helped us  passing  the " Inburgeren examen" in only five months. She is smart and patient. As an expert of the exam, she knows the exam very well. She practiced us in each aspect, including listening, reading, speaking, writing , KNM, and even ONA. Thanks to Caroline, " Inburgeren examen" was only a piece of cake for us. And we don't need to struggle in the exam for years like others. We all appreciate your effort and kindness, Caroline

By Alina (november 2017)


It is a great experience to study with Caroline for my IB exam. Before the course, I have no idea how it is going and what I should prepare. Caroline gave me well instructions to be able to pass the exam. Finally, I did it in one row. The class is very friendly and international. I always had chance to discuss about my study with Caroline and other students. Moreeor, we also went out for dinner together.
If you are struggling with Dutch language exam, Caroline's class is the right place for you ! "
Dank je wel voor jouw hulp.
By Duy (oktober 2017)


Caroline is a great teacher. I've taken both beginner class and inburgering exam class from her, after 4 months of study, i passed the inburgering exam easily.

Caroline teaches in a way that is very clear, right to the exam point yet very easy to understand. I had class in the evening of two working days per week, but I've never felt tired from it. On the contrary I always felt excited and looked forward to the class. Caroline is very patient and tolerant which gives a good atmosphere at class. Through this class I've also met many nice people and we had a wonderful time together both in and outside of the class.


By Aileen (september 2017)


I took the inburgering course with Caroline and Ben in a group of about 10 students from May-July 2017. My feedback to the course is positive. The course is good enough for someone who wants to pass the inburgering exam with flying colors. Course material is good, straight to the point. What you learn and practice with is what you will have in your exams. Homework brings enough practice, very doable for someone who works full-time like me. The classmates are very friendly and fun. I highly recommend.


Kind regards,

Isabella (september 2017)


Are you currently under pressure to pass the Inburgering exam?

Are you struggling with listening, reading, writing and speaking in Dutch? Or you don’t have enough time to study for the exam. Then, the Inburgering course provided by Mrs. Wong is the perfect selection for you guys.

I am currently working full-time from Monday to Friday, between 8.00 to 17.00. This course were fully dedicated for your calendar. You have two options to choose whether to have a full learning day every week (5 hour per class) or to have two classes per week (2.30 per class). It depends totally on you.

The course will help you to improve all 4 main skilss: listening, reading, speaking and writing. The course will also help you to understand Dutch culture, which is a main subject of the Inburgering exam.  To make sure you will pass the ONA (portfolio) exam, Mrs. Wong will surely help you with, by improving your ONA portfolio, giving you sample and frequent questions of ONA exam.

Overall, I am sastisfied with the quality of the course, teacher and materials. Considering the amount of time you need to study in this course, at home. It is worth to join the course. Don’t be panic, course you will have a very experience and dedicated teacher throughout and after the course. Good luck guys. 


Kind regards,

Anh (mei 2017) 


I was really struggling with the preparation of ONA. I had lots of questions and confusions and DUO do not explain it. Even the stuff in the forms was ambiguous. The time for getting the forms accepted and getting a date for interview is quite long. So I really wanted to be sure to get it done right. A colleague of my husband recommended to have preparation sessions with Caroline. Right after the intake meeting, I had answers to a number of questions. Caroline is a responsible, very friendly, efficient trainer, a good listener and dedicated teacher. She took time in understanding my weaknesses and provided me customized guidelines suitable for me. A couple of practice sessions with her did the magic and I passed the exam. Thank you very much Caroline for you time and effort. I highly recommend Caroline to anyone struggling with the NT2/inburgering exam, especially ONA.

Sonia (april 2017)


I followed Mrs Wong's inburgering cursus for 14 lessons. Overall it was an effective and fun program that helped me to improve my Dutch in 7 weeks. First of all, it was well structured to get prepared for the exam. I did reading and listening mainly by myself by following her exercises which were very close and practical to pass the final exams.

Secondly, I picked my knowledge of Dutch Society in her classes which was what I had zero basis to prepare for the exam from the beginning. Caroline stayed focused on what the important topics are for KNS exam and it was helpful for me.

Thirdly my speaking improved a lot throughout the program by keeping practicing in the class on the key topics which will show up in the exams

Furthermore Caroline covered all the potential writing topics that are likely to show up in the exam in her class. It was very effective training and she helped to correct all my mistakes. She also organized key tested grammar points in simple ways for us to remember.

Overall I highly recommend you to take this course to get well prepared for the exams in short period if you have some basics in Dutch

It was a directive, higher focused and effective program

My portfolio was also corrected by Caroline and she gave pragmatic advises on how to behave and present during the last exam.

I would recommend to talk with her to know how far you are with the exam and following her exercises would definitely give you a pass for Inburgering.

Thanks YiXi         (februari 2017)


I was recommended by my boyfriend to register Caroline’s Dutch courses. My boyfriend registered Caroline’s Inburgering course in 2015, and only by two-month study he passed all five exams in one day. It is absolutely correct to register Caroline’s Dutch courses, I also passed all five exams in one day. I feel so happy and so exciting, because I can’t believe that as a total beginner, only by 3.5-month study, I pass all 5 exams one time (2 months’ beginner course and 1.5 months’ Inburgering course). This is the best gift for me in 2016! I strongly recommend Caroline to anyone who wants to learn dutch or needs to pass the Inburgering exam.

Best regards,

Lulu (februari 2017)

Hoi Allemaal, I truly enjoyed and loved the time having this course from zero to A2 level. Caroline was amazing and also fellow students at my group. Had a lot of fun during the lessons, what helped to gain the knowledge faster. I recommend to have the intensive course, if you want to learn dutch fast and you are dedicated to do it – spending everyday some time for homework’s. I personally recommend to spend more time for homework and self-studies after classes, because this is one time opportunity to take as much out of it from learning point of few as possible. Tot Ziens en Veel Succes!


Lydia (januari 2017)




I just finish 4-month dutch course with Caroline. From absolutely beginner to pass the exam, I really improve a lot. I belive it is the best decision I made in 2016! Actually passing the inburgering exam is not my goal to attend the course, I really want to learn the Dutch so that i can use it for my work and daily life. The best part of Caroline's course is that she can easily let you learn the dutch, and on the other hand she makes you fall in love with this language. That is the biggest achievement I had. Small scale class and very good communication with teacher and classment are another reason why I want to recommend her course. 


Munisha (december 2016)
I recommend Mrs wong to you as a good inburgering trainning teacher.
she is a responsible coach. she provides you a 360 degree training which enables you handle the 
inburgering exam within short time.

I highly appreciate her guidance on KNS and  ONA, which is very effective.
Thanks for you help.

--Andy Li (21 augustus 2016)

Ik heb de cursus inburgering examen training van twee maaanden gevolgd. Dit is een heel goede cursus. Na de cursus ben ik geslaagd.
De examenstof sluit goed aan bij het examen. Caroline hartlijk bedankt voor de training.
Ik adviseer andere mensen ook deze examentraining te volgen.

I want to write you to tell you how pleased I was with the Inburgering course I took with you. I passed all 5 parts at once! While I already knew a bit of Dutch going into the course, the additional practice as well as the better understanding I gained of the structure of the exam and tips were very helpful. Further the practice in class really helped increase confidence. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to pass the test.

Dear Caroline,


I would like to thank you for the excellent Dutch Inburgering course. Before I signed up for this course, my Dutch language skill was almost zero. Passing the inburgering exams was really a scaring thing for me because I'm just not handy with languages and didn't have enough spare time to study.

However with the course you provided, it became much easier. You gave us clear tips for the exams and encouraged us to practice in the class. After less than 2 months' course, I passed all 5 exams one time.

I would also highly recommend this course to all my friends and anyone who wants to pass the inburgering exams or learn Dutch.


Many thanks!



I followed some other courses before, but it didn't work out as I expected. Luckily I read

reviews about Caroline on Gogodutch, so I decided to contact her. Before the intake

meeting, I don't even know what inburgeren exam includes...After the intake meeting I

already had a very good feeling, she is a very responsible teacher and will give me a unique

guide based on my case. After two months courses, I have passed my inburgeren exam all

in once. Thanks to Caroline's detailed guide and advice. For instance, she will double check

the portfolio before I send it. Exercise one on one about the speaking and writing for the

portfolio part. For the central exam, she will also share lots of experiences that what the

student should read and how we should prepare for the exams. Therefore I could prepare

my exam efficiently. For student like me with full time job, Caroline's course is really helpful!

Again, thank you very much for all your effort.


两个月!!!从9月17日开始到11月6日考试,竟然只用了不到两个月! 来荷兰几年,荷兰语一直是我心头的痛,因为在学习,生活,学习中,一直是使用英语。荷兰语的学习虽然提上日程很多次,但由于自学的不得法,以前找的老师经 验不太足,以及跟着上大课的没有针对性,荷兰语一直保持在非常初级的水平。除了Goede morgen! Dank u wel!之外,实在说不出几个完整的句子。 直到换永居的日子迫在眉睫,我还是一拖再拖,拿到黄老师的电话半年,朋友说这是一个非常好的老师,我都没有能鼓起勇气联络老师。直到今年9月开学时间都错 过了两周,我觉得实在拖不下去了,才给老师打了电话,本想着用半年到八个月的时间通过inburgering。没想到老师在给我简单的测试之后,告诉我可 以加入inburgering班,两个月后就参加考试。我当时都不敢相信自己的耳朵,可是老师的淡定和经验给了我更多的信心。 两个月下来,伴随着一周两次的上课,似乎并没有遇到太大的难题,可是老师在潜移默化中把荷兰语学习和考试技巧灌输在了我们的脑海里。课下交流也发现很多朋 友都是通过黄老师,一次通过了考试。 昨天我们参加了考试,感觉并没有遇到太大难题,还是挺自信的。至于考试成绩,在下来以后会继续通报给大家。现在仅以此文记录我激动的心情。可以毫不夸张的 说,黄老师是我可以找到的最好的荷兰语老师! Groeten, Peng

我也是在网络上和 GOGODUTCH上看到的别人推荐的Caroline, 决定去试一下。Caroline会根据每个人的具体水平和需求,在上课的时候有针对性的安排。这个非常好,这样会更有效率的让所有的人尽快完成自己的考 试。也幸亏有她一直盯着,才能让我托了一年多的portfolio 在两个星期里就完成了,并且顺利的一次考过!如果没有她针对性地对我进行训练,我不会这么快能考过最担心的口试!非常感谢她的帮助!








It is my first time to write a reference for my “docent”. This is not usual for me, because in my point of

view, I should be the person who needs my “docent” to write some nice words for me. And now, YES,

you are reading my nice words about my “docent”. J

To me, Caroline is not a traditional “docent”. She helps me a lot, not only on Dutch language, but also

the Dutch culture (this is indeed a key element for the “Inburgering examen”, and it is very useful for

my daily life as well). Sometimes, she makes you feel that she is just your friend. As a “docent”, she has

a very good sense of humor. It is very important to me. This helps me absorb a lot of knowledge and

information in a very relaxed atmosphere.

I would strongly recommend Caroline to you if you would like to know more about “de lage landen”! J


我也是在网络上和 GOGODUTCH上看到的别人推荐的Caroline, 决定去试一下。Caroline会根据每个人的具体水平和需求,在上课的时候有针对性的安排。这个非常好,这样会更有效率的让所有的人尽快完成自己的考 试。也幸亏有她一直盯着,才能让我托了一年多的portfolio 在两个星期里就完成了,并且顺利的一次考过!如果没有她针对性地对我进行训练,我不会这么快能考过最担心的口试!非常感谢她的帮助!
On the occasion of obtaining my “inburgeringsdiploma” I decide to write you a small note expressing my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you have taken during last two months.  Actually before attending your class, I was an absolute beginner of Dutch study. We spent an excellent unforgettable class session. I am especially grateful for your patience and kindness. I remember that the time I started preparing for the inburgeringsexamen, I was completely unconfident about my Dutch skills and I even thought I had very few chances to pass the exams. However, you managed to build up my confidence and knowledge. I really appreciate the way in which you motivated me to pronounce and speak Dutch which is one of the most challenging subjects. Meanwhile, by making the class active, you not only professionally and creatively brought lots of new vocabulary which broaden up my scope of knowledge, but also in developing and encouraging students to participate in the class play which we thoroughly enjoyed and learnt. Further, your exams tips really helped me to keep myself calm during “panelgesprek‏”. Thanks again for your professional help and expertise.


With Kind regards,


Caroline 是一位非常有经验和负责的荷兰语老师。她的课很有针对性。按照水平分班小班教学。针对不同水平深入浅出,把考试要点和难点都 覆盖了。我上的融入课程,我从 一开始很差的水平到通过考试,用了三个多月。非常希望能早些了 解到有那么好的荷兰语班,就不会走弯路了。特别推荐给上班族,平时没时间学习,参加这个班后,通过老师讲解能达到事半功倍



feedback of the course
I think the course is very interesting and helpful. I feel lucky that i have joined the classes. The class with small group certainly could make sure all classmates get enough time to communicate with the teacher, Caroline. She would try to communicate with you in Dutch and encourage you to practice more and more. What i appreciated is that Caroline also spent her own time to check our portfolio for us. During the classes, we also studied by paling some interested puzzles, which I like a lot. Now I passed my Central examen, and waiting for my panelgesprek :)
Kind Regards

我想向工作忙的人推荐个荷兰语老师。 因为自己准备融入考试有段时间了, 但平时工作很忙,一直没什么进展。直到最近有人给我推荐了这个老师。我急急忙忙的打了电话给她,想看看有她的帮助我是不是可以很快的通过融入考试。我感觉 进展的非常快(自己努力才行哦), Caroline 也是个细心负责有耐心的老师。就我自己的情况说说过程。
预约了第二天去面谈。 首先是荷兰语水平的测试,听说读写都测了,老师还很有耐心的引导我说和写。 根据我的语言水平和时间要求(越快越好),老师给我介绍了融入考试的课程计划,包括了带着我做portfolio和需要学习的书(都是和融入考试相关的知 识)。大概2个小时的面谈,老师介绍了所有我想要知道的信息。感觉自己给老师不少压力(不是故意的,因为赶时间), 但她都尽可能的满足了我的要求, 我很感激!
开始上课前老师就给我作了课程计划。去上课前自己需要准备的和在家学习的内容(tips:如果你能按要求准备好,上课会很顺利,当然也就节省时间了)。我 收集所有的portfolio就一个星期左右,然后老师还要帮我检查一遍在我寄出之前,整个过程8-10天。大概2次课的时候, 老师就发现了我口语不好,也强调了以后会尽可能在上课的时候和我多练习说。 每次和我练习对话都是好几遍,直到我能说的顺畅了为止。帮我练反义词直到我记住为止。

以上都是我的一些上课感受,不是做广告,而是希望和我一样忙于工作的战友能够找到有效的方式通过荷兰语的考试。我就很希望两个月前就知道Caroline 了,现在我很可能就已经考完了。我发这个帖子是希望有需要的同学能够知道这个信息。以下是老师的联系方式和网站,请大家不要联系我,直接和老师联系好了。 Jennifer

王老师对现下的考试内容和模式都非常的了解,有很多资料和书籍能够帮助通过考试。她对上课的时间和内容都经过了精细的编排,上课形式生动,能顾及到每个学 生的进度,而最重要的是她的课程时间不会很长,特别适合上班族。另外她也是很有耐心的一个老师。她自己还在网络上编排了练习题库,可供大家课后复习。所以 王老师的学生考试通过率都很高。chenchen

'I like Caroline's teaching style very much, which is Edutainment. I really learned a lot via her vivid lessons.  I felt that time was flying. She helped me to be capable to do the exam within a short term and she has given many useful tips for the exam. Very helpful. Many thanks to her... If you are willing to improve your dutch, Caroline's class will be a good choice.' ------Carol Cheng

“Caroline老师的Inburgeringsexamen课程 对我有很多帮助。我荷兰语很差,和Caroline老师学习了10周的课程,每 周大概2次2.5小时的课程,每次作业也认真完成,三门Central examen和Portfolio面试我都觉得挺难,但最后一次通过考试。我推荐Caroline老师的Inburgeringsexamen课程.




小班教学,每个学生都有足够时间与老师互动。用母语或者英语学荷兰语, 让人非常快的找到学习语言的窍门。我本来是很害羞开口说荷兰语的人,但是老师她一直制造各种机会让你习惯并敢于开口说。对于考试方面,老师更是经验十足。 我和同班的Jerry都是一次性通过的三门Central examenPortfolio还有面试。老师上课教的,甚至聊天时提到的荷兰文化人文事宜都对考试很有帮助。老师常常 延长课时给我们回答问题,非常的尽职尽责和耐心。总之,真的非 常幸运可以遇到这样一位老师,让我少走很多弯路,顺利快速的一次通过考试。十分感激。全力推荐


Shereen Ji

Dear Caroline,


How I think about your class and teaching. well, I think you are a really good teacher. Your classes were well planned, clear and very oriented. You as a teacher are very flexible for different students, you have taken care of each students even there are not in the same level. Beside of this, you are very patient to everyone, which make students are very motivated in whole learning process.


I enjoyed your class and appreciate the help you gave to me. I do wish in the near future, I can take your class again.


Please keep update me if you are planning to give a course for basic Dutch, I may come to your class again.


Thank you again.

With kindly regards,
Yunheng Deng   

我也是在网上看到这个老师的介绍,就报班参加了,想要尽快的通过入籍考 试这个坎,老师很耐心,你不会的她都会很详细的慢慢解释到懂为止,很有责任感的一个老师,对我的帮助也很大,我考试一次性都通过了,平时学习的也不算太认 真,就是考试前复习了老师给的资料,真没想到一次就过了。很感谢老师的帮助,如果没有她,只靠自己自学不知道要学到什么时候了,大家如果有想学荷兰语的, 这个老师很好的,可以讲粤语和英语